At Malcolm Hollis we are experts in building design, construction and investigation, and we use this specialist knowledge to diagnose and rectify defects to our clients’ buildings in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Building defects occur when building elements or systems fail to perform or function as designed. Defects arise for many reasons including poor design, badly executed construction, inadequate maintenance, and changes in environmental conditions post-construction.

We investigate and provide solutions to all kinds of building defects, whether that be water ingress, cracking/subsidence, dampness and condensation, drainage, materials failures, or deleterious materials – to name but a few. We can also advise on defects to mechanical and electrical systems including lifts and escalators.

Post-Grenfell, the fire-safety of buildings, particularly those with potentially combustible cladding systems, has been brought to the fore. If you have concerns regarding the performance of a cladding system we can arrange for it to be surveyed, sampled, and tested to establish its design and condition. We can also advise on other fire-safety defects relating to compartmentation and structural fire protection.

Ordinarily we can establish the cause of defects ourselves using non-invasive surveying equipment; however, where opening-up works and/or bespoke specialist testing or investigations are required, we work alongside trusted partner organisations to ensure the correct diagnosis of the issue. In such situations we procure and manage specialist input to suit our clients’ needs, providing them with a single point of contact.

There is naturally some overlap between building defect advice and other consultancy services that we offer including technical due diligence, projects, landlord and tenant, and dispute resolution. This means that we are well placed to offer our clients holistic advice that reflects their desired outcome.