Measured surveys are one of Malcolm Hollis's core areas of work and one of our fastest growing services. Boasting a dedicated team of chartered geomatics surveyors and 2D/3D CAD technicians, we have extensive experience in this field and provide a thorough, efficient and tailored service across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

We use the latest Leica survey equipment and software to capture and deliver accurate measurement surveys.  Our full range of internal and external survey products allows us to report on the most complex of buildings.

These products can be provided as stand-alone services or can be undertaken in conjunction with our other service areas such as project managementtechnical due diligence surveys or rights of light.  All of our measured surveys are independent, accurate and produced in accordance with the latest survey standards including the RICS Code of Measuring Practice and the International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS).

More details on our measured survey products are listed below. For examples of laser scanning visualisations, visit the Malcolm Hollis YouTube channel.

Measured Building Surveys

This is one of our specialist core areas of work.  Our on-site instrumentation and software enables us to offer a wide range of accurate measured survey data, including floor plans, elevations, sections and 3D models.

For more details on Measured Building Surveys, please contact Paul Heyes on +44 7747 470 137, by e-mail on or on LinkedIn here.  You can also follow Paul on twitter: @pheyesmh

Area Referencing

We offer an independent and accurate service in the assessment of the size of properties through the production of measurement plans and area reports.  We are able to provide a breakdown of Gross External Area (GEA), Gross Internal Area (GIA) or Net Internal Area (NIA) for office, industrial, leisure, residential and other commercial buildings.  For retail premises we are able to provide zoning and ‘In Terms of Zone A’ (ITZA) calculations.

The International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS) is now mandatory for RICS and SCSI members.  Our reports are based on this new standard.

Tom Pugh

Tom Pugh

For more details on the IPMS, click here.

For more details on Area Referencing, please contact Tom Pugh on +44 7341 562 524, by e-mail on or on LinkedIn here. You can also follow Tom on twitter: @tpughwgc.

Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is the process of capturing a full, spatially accurate, 3D data set of any subject.  Using this technique, highly detailed and accurate data sets known as ‘point clouds’ can be collected in a rapid manner, minimising potential disruption and capturing survey-grade information.  The option to overlay HDR imagery onto the point cloud allows for a realistic end product.

Once a point cloud data set has been collected on site and processed, it becomes a single ‘point of truth’ dataset which can be utilised in various applications such as: Topographical and Measured Building Surveys, 3D Modelling and Rights of Light Analysis, Asset Management, Deformation and Volumetric Analysis, M&E Surveys and BIM.

Tim Beach

Tim Beach

To see an example laser scanning visualisation, click here.

For more details on Laser Scanning, please contact Tim Beach on +44 7876 836 107, by e-mail on or on LinkedIn here. You can also follow Tim on twitter: @Beachoss.

Lease Plans

Having Land Registry (and Registers of Scotland) Compliant Lease Plans is important for any new lease and often is something that is left to the last minute.  With considerable expertise and experience in landlord and tenant matters we know how important it is that lease plans tie in with the description of the demise in the lease.

Rights of Light Surveys

As one of the leading Rights of Light and Daylighting specialists we are able to undertake the necessary measured survey in order to generate the data for the purposes of producing 3D building and area models to enable a full analyses, calculations and advice.

Topographical Surveys

Detailed topographical surveys can be produced to Ordnance Survey National Grid and Datum, in 2D and 3D formats to suit a wide range of applications, tailored to suit the client’s project specifications.

CGI and Visuals

We are able to provide visualisations such as animations, mock ups and rendered views, which can incorporate both existing and proposed developments.  These can range from a simple refurbishments to large scale schemes.

Other services

In addition we offer a range of other specialist measurement services including: Boundary Surveys, Swept Path Analysis and Portfolio Co-ordination as well as services associated with Building Regulations/Standards and Dispute Resolution.

Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy


For any enquiries relating to Ireland, please contact Rory Kennedy on
+353 87 068 7533, by e-mail on or on LinkedIn