Malcolm Hollis provides specialist, commercial and pragmatic advice to clients on a wide range of projects involving Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters across England and Wales, that vary in size and complexity - often involving very tight deadlines.

As Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters experts, we provide high quality advice in this complex area to developers, project managers, occupiers and neighbours.  Through careful management of the process and acting within the relevant legislative frameworks, our aim is to prevent, minimise and resolve disputes as efficiently as possible whilst protecting the interests of our clients throughout.

Through early involvement in the design process we strive to identify and manage risks to ensure that the development (whether a small or a large-scale scheme) can progress on site, on time and to plan.

Our dedicated neighbourly matters team is fully conversant in the technical interpretation of the Party Wall Act and we ensure that we are always abreast of the latest developments.  We are also very experienced in the negotiation of licences to secure access over neighbouring land in order to carry out building work, including cranes, scaffolding and hoarding.

In fact, regardless of whether or not the Party Wall Act applies, it is important (for developers and neighbours alike) that the condition of neighbouring property is properly recorded in a Schedule of Condition before works commence so that any damage caused can be easily identified and rectified.  Quality and accuracy of these schedules is crucial to avoid disputes and maintain neighbourly relations.

We understand that there will be occasions when it is necessary for you to seek advice from other professionals, for instance lawyers.  Vivien King – legal consultant to Malcolm Hollis – has a wealth of experience in the property litigation field having practised for years as a partner in a well known firm of solicitors.  Whilst no longer in practice, she can help you in directing your questions to the right people including barristers.

We also offer expertise in other specialist areas relating to access and construction development such as boundary disputes, high hedges and broader environmental issues.  Those requiring neighbourly matters advice may also be interested in our Rights of Light and Daylighting and Sunlighting service.  Our specialist team can assist clients either planning to undertake development works or those occupying neighbouring property.