Recognising the crucial importance of accurate, properly constructed schedules of condition, our reports provide a thorough, dependable snapshot of a building's condition to suit a variety of purposes.

A schedule of condition benchmarks a property’s state of repair and records all defects at a given date.  Required for a variety of reasons, a schedule of condition produced in relation to leased property is often intended to limit future dilapidations liabilities and are also useful when dealing with tenant’s alterations.  They also play a crucial role in party wall work in damage identification following construction work undertaken by neighbouring owners.

We regularly encounter incomplete, inadequate and poorly written schedules of condition, often resulting in protracted negotiations (most particularly in dilapidations disputes) and significant financial implications.  It is this experience that gives us a unique understanding of the importance of an appropriately constructed, accurate and thorough schedule – all of which is essential in ensuring a schedule of condition performs its intended purpose fully.

Accuracy underpins our range of schedules of condition and our highly efficient surveying and support teams produce tailored, quality reports quickly – often to very tight deadlines.